Over the years, many people have asked me why I started Relationship Academy, so I made this little video to tell you. Of course there is a great deal of back story to it, but mostly, it was because I realised that for most of us, we are absolutely clueless about how to conduct a successful, happy and fulfilling relationship. Everyone, myself included took pot luck. Amazingly, we learn about and find out about all manner of things, but few people bother, or even consider, learning about relationships.

Who Teaches About Relationships?

Then it occurred to me, even if people did want to learn about relationships and marriage, where would they go to find out? Church communities have programs for couples, but for the secular folk, there is little to nothing around for them. So, that is where I got the idea to start Relationship Academy. In my work as a Family Mediator, it was obvious that people didn’t know where to go to find out about what to do, so I decided to provide a little corner of the world where people could do just that.

I’m not techy

Unfortunately, passionate as I am about what makes for a happy and fulfilling marriage, I am not very techy, so,  the website and Blog have been neglected, but it is my intention to change all that this year, so watch this space. It would help me greatly if you could give me some feedback about what you would like to know more about.


Grace Chatting






Grace xx

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