How To Find A Date, A Relationship Or A Life Partner

I see quite a number of clients, male and female, in their late 30s and early 40s, who are ready to settle down in a lifetime relationship. Mostly they are ready to create a home and start raising a family.  Some have had marriages or relationships that ended badly. The trouble is that they haven’t […]

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5 Common Dating Mistakes Men Make

If you have managed to meet an attractive woman over the Christmas Festivities, and are considering the possibility of developing a relationship with her in 2013; Be warned. I recently carried out a survey amongst my single female clients regarding the biggest dating mistakes men make, and this showed that these fall into five categories. So if you are a man […]

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Authenticity In Marriage And Relationships If you want to have a truly intimate and fulfilling marriage or relationship with another, you first of all need to be authentic. You need to know yourself and be yourself, comfortable in your own skin, without any pretense. You need to know yourself first and you need to love and accept yourself […]

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Dating For Friendship Or Long Term Relationship?

The usual route to finding love and marriage, or at least a long term relationship, usually involves a period of Dating, and it is expected that when a couple have been dating for a reasonably lengthy period, that they will make some kind of commitment like getting married or setting up a home together. But things ain’t […]

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