''Top 10 Lessons in Love''

This course  gives you 10 Videos spread over a 10 week period providing you with all the knowledge you need to understand yourself in relationships and also how relationships work. You will learn how to optimise the chances of attracting and maintaining a successful relationship into your life.

Before You Say ''I Do''

This series of 10 Videos are for those couples who have moved beyond dating and are considering whether their relationship could be a life partnership. This is a time when many couples are beset by doubt simply because they have no criteria to measure by. You will learn about which important conversations you absolutely must have before you say “I Do”  This video series is likely to be the best investment you ever make. It can help you avoid making a painful and costly mistake.

''Mend It, Don't End It''

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If your marriage or relationship looks like it is in danger of breaking down, this is the course for you. This video series over a 6 week period, takes you through a step by step blueprint for restoring your relationship. The process is in three stages, Stabilise, Align & Reconnect, and Develop Vision & Relating Skills.

Many couples get stuck because they are trying to sort out their “issues” from a position of disconnectedness, and of course just go around in circles. This course shows you how to reconnect first, build up some Trust and Respect as well as some skills and then review the situation.

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