Online Dating: Choosing A Dating Site

Happy Easter everyone! Lots of time now for those of you looking for a relationship to check out some online dating sites and kickstart your love life.

If you’re new to online dating (or maybe you had a brief try ,but weren’t sure where to go with it), then this post will help you start off on the right foot – choosing which type of dating site might work best for your needs. You may have already heard a number of horror stories, but don’t forget this doesn’t just apply to Online Dating.Don’t be scared off. Learn how to optimise your chances of being good at this Online Dating business!

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What Online Dating Site Do You Use?

Every day, it seems, another new dating site appears on the Internet. That’s because there is such overwhelming demand for online dating and many people belong to more than one (or two or three) sites – which maximises their chances to find a Date who is right for them. All sites will tell you that they are the perfect one for you to use. Of course they will; they are a business after all.

I am constantly amazed that many people put more effort into choosing a pair of shoes than choosing a date. Do you usually stick to just one shop or estate agent when buying clothes or a house? No. So feel free to visit at least 3 or 4 sites and try them out. And remember one of the best indicators that the site is reputable is their longevity in the business.

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Use The Free Option

Finding a compatible date is a numbers game to some extent, which is why I suggest you use more than one site. his also gives you the opportunity to check out which site suits you best. Some sites are free and some are paid with a free option, so while you are still at the checking out stage go for the free option. Not only will this save you money, it also saves you from being locked into just one site.

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What should you look for in the sites you choose?

• The angle of the site –many sites have a niche target group;  some promote random sexual hook-ups, some are aimed at religious groups, others are for seniors only, or for the gay community. You want to pick sites that cater to YOUR needs.

• Is the navigation menu overly complicated? Check this out because you want something you can manage without having to be concerned with the technology..

• What is their approval process? Some sites are open to anyone, and some have criteria that must be met before you get the key to a membership. If you are just starting out it may be best to go for one that hae some kind of filtering process.

• How much does it cost? Some sites are very affordable for any budget while others cater to a high-end clientele. Don’t rush it in the next five minutes. Allow yourself some time to glance around and navigate each site – do you like what you see? No site will be 100^% perfect for everyone, but you’ll be able to recognize which ones are a no-go right off the bat.

When it comes to pricing, free is within your budget, but it might also be full of people who aren’t serious or who aren’t willing to pay for the very best. Just a small monthly payment signals that person is seriously seeking a connection – and willing to pay for the opportunity!

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Check Out a Sample Profile

Most sites, even when they give you a free user option, will let you see a sample profile so that you know what you’ll be able to find out about people when browsing the profiles database. If it’s bare-boned (like age, name, location and picture only) – then you know it won’t be enough to offer you the deep kind of connection you’re searching for.

You need to put the anxiety about creating your profile to rest. Here’s the good news – it can always be tweaked for improvement! You’re going to be nervous initially. Maybe wonder who would like what you have to say!? But the good news is, there’s someone for everyone – and you just need to be you in your profile without coming across as boring.

Since there’s no face-to-face interaction, it’s important to review some of the other profiles to see what makes you interested in them. Did they have a witty subject line for their profile? Were they open and honest and amazing with how they painted a picture of their life? Did the humour come across so loud and clear that you wished you could go have a cup of coffee with this person right then and there? You want to emulate the types of profiles that make you tick – without creating a false identity that doesn’t truly represent you.

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What Type of Interaction Is Available?

Remember in the last post, I asked you, as one of your tasks, to jot down what types of communication you wanted to work with. Does the site have what you were looking for? If there’s a chat feature, that’s a good sign – because you can talk in real time without having to meet in person and meet before you know if you’re ready for that connection yet. It really is important to speak to the prospective Date before you meet up. You may detest their accent!

A live chat setting is perfect for people who work odd or long hours. It’s also beneficial for single parents who want to get to know someone pretty well before having an in-person meeting. And if you’re in a rural area, it works well because you don’t have to travel long distances to meet everyone in person.

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Tasks for You to Accomplish 

All you need to do for your tasks today are go visit three sites and enter your: • Name • Email • Location

That’s it! You’re not going to hand over a credit card number for any later fees. You won’t have to give out sensitive personal information. This just lets you cross the threshold and enter into the site to have a quick look around. The ones who usually end up very pleased with their results are the ones who took the time to simultaneously sign up at a few online dating sites. Don’t use one, wait for it to flop, and then move on to another one. You’ll quickly realize that each site has a different diverse population, and you want a broad selection to choose from. Here are the sites I advise you to sign up for with a trial – some cater to a specific crowd while others are very broad spectrum!

Crack on with exploring and making a start and then I will give you some tips on how to go about creating an attractive Profile.

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Don’t foget to Live, Love, Laugh, and Be Happy,






Grace 🙂


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