How Emotional Infidelity Can Kill Your Marriage

Hello again.  Let’s take a look at the subject of Emotional Infidelity and your Marriage.

Another question that I’ve got here from one of you is why do people cheat if they have a partner?

I would say the vast majority of people who cheat don’t set out to cheat.  There are of course some people who are inveterate cheaters and womanisers and they are a breed apart.  Fortunately they would fall into the minority.  The majority of people who cheat it wasn’t their intention in the first place to do that.

But most infidelity happens by dint of proximity, mostly at work where they see somebody on a daily basis or at least a very regular basis where they have time regularly talking to them and often they drift into a state of emotional infidelity and one of the reasons why that happens is because people don’t understand or know about emotional infidelity.

Emotional infidelity, putting it shortly, is when people finish up spending a lot of time sharing with someone, sharing things that really they would normally only share with their partner, disclosing aspects of their personal lives that really are meant just for their partner.  So that gradual opening up and sharing more and more and actually what happens then a connection forms and then a bond forms and then if that happens to coincide with a disconnection with their wife or husband at home and the connection is forming with the other person then all sorts of physiological things start to happen where they’re getting attention and getting interest, then we produce oxytocin and dopamine and all the feel good chemicals that people get when they’re falling in love and before you know it, there’s this sense of falling in love and then it’s a short step to sexual infidelity.

In the first instance, it’s proximity and in the second instance it would be the opportunity then presents itself to cross that line from emotional infidelity into sexual infidelity.  That’s a very rough and broad explanation of why people cheat who have a partner.  Often they have no intentions of cheating and often it’s not that they want to leave their spouse, they just drifted into this without even knowing they were drifting, so that’s how it happens.

If you want to prevent that from happening, you make sure that you keep the connection with your own husband or wife alive and vital.  It’s the topic of another video actually but you just make sure that you keep the connection with your partner going and then that won’t happen to you hopefully.

Bye for now.


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